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883 Jia FM

883 Jia FM is a Chinese radio station operated and working under the management of SAFRA Radio in the Singapore. The social engagement gets involve through food tasting, leading travel tours, outdoor broadcasts and social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. It was first on aired on

XFM 96.3

A muti-languages radio station which plays a mix of Japanese, French, German, Hindi and Korean programmes, is under the management of MediaCorp. It was formerly known as International Channel. It was first on aired in the year 1998. It’s the dedicated radio for outsiders and expatriate communities

Lush 99.5FM

Lush 99.5FM is known for playing distinct touch of music comprising Indie, Independent and Electronic music. It plays contemporary music and other forms of songs which are popular in Singapore localities. Numerous guests are invited and interviewed by a dedicated programme The Lush Mix. Lush 99.5FM is

93.8 Live Singapore

The station which is a part of MediaCorp, broadcasts new programmes to the audiences from 6:00am to midnight (UTC+08:00) daily. Before 2005, its name was NewsRadio 938. The channel plays Soft adult contemporary music till 6:00am, during non-functioning hours. 93.8LIVE was originally first on aired on  1

Oli 96.8FM

Oli 96.8FM is a Tamil radio station specially made for Indian community residing in Singapore. It offers a wide range of latest Tamil songs, Indian songs, local & foreign news, lifestyle shows and Indian contemporary and classical hits, 24/7. It is known to be the only channel

Ria 89.7FM Singapore

Ria 89.7FM is also a contemporary music radio station owned by MediaCorp plays Malay along with English music which also includes International hits. The station was first on aired on 1 December 1990. It goes on spreading and promoting new Malay music to the nation. Interviews of

Love 97.2FM Singapore

An adult contemporary radio station based in Singapore, offers golden hits from 80s and 90s intertwine with delightful lifestyles performances in English and Mandarin versions. The station was first on aired in 1994 and is under the ownership of MediaCorp. Talk shows, Interviews of Celebrities and other

Capital 95.8FM

Capital 95.8FM is a Chinese radio station operated by MediaCorp, presents world and local news and Chinese top hits. It was first on aired on 1 June 1936, as Radio Singapore. It is voted as the best Chinese station in the whole Singapore. It keeps its audiences

Warna 94.2FM

Warna 94.2FM is a contemporary music radio station, aims at presenting Islamic shows, world and regional news, only Malay music and broadcast material that is intended both to entertain and to inform. Moreover, Malay top 40 hits are also programmed through this. On 31 August 1957, it

Class 95 FM Singapore

An English language radio station that broadcasts the western and local music from 80s to today’s pop is a 24/7 channel works and operated under the management of MediaCorp in Singapore. It targets white-collar officers, experts and chiefs0, aging between 25 to 40, who are able to