Warna 94.2FM

Warna 94.2FMWarna 94.2FM is a contemporary music radio station, aims at presenting Islamic shows, world and regional news, only Malay music and broadcast material that is intended both to entertain and to inform. Moreover, Malay top 40 hits are also programmed through this. On 31 August 1957, it was first on aired. Ustaz Ahmad Sonhadji late broadcasted the translation and interpretation of Holy Qur’an in Malay language on this, every friday.

Warna 94.2FM is proud to be the only Malay radio station of MediaCorp in Singapore.

Warna 94.2FM Team

DJsFormer DJsStaff
Suharti AliAdi Abdul RahmanZakiah Halim
Faridah OnnAmi Mohd NoorIsadhora Mohamed
Mariam Mas’odAminah SiregarMorniyati Tukimin
Suriani Kassim (Sue)Asmah LailiTBC
A B ShaikAsmah SulaimanWati Rahim
Muhd Tahar Ghalib (TG)Asri SunawanAsmah Bee
Abdul Razak Rahim (RZ)Azlin Ali
Zaza MajidAllahyarhamah Faridah Hanim
Hafeez HarunHassan Salleh
Dyn NorahimHasnani Nyarman
Hashim Yusof
Ibrahim Jamil
Inon Salleh
Jamilah Yusop
Allahyarham Nordin Kassim
Nursha Ismail
Rashid Sulaiman
Saemah Ali
Surtini Sarwan
Suhaimi Yusof
Shah Ibrahim

For Android & iPhone users, you have to download an application which is specified for listening it live on your smartphone. The app is officially created by MediaCorp for all popular operating stations.

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The mobile app allows user to listen radio stations, see charts, playlists, gigs, promotions, redeem and operate account.

Listen Warna 94.2FM Live

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In case the station is not working properly, please check internet connection or if it is correct then try refreshing the page (CTRL+F5), make sure that the latest version of Adobe Flash player is installed or increase your Internet speed. If the problem persists, contact us to eliminate the issue.

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