Symphony 92.4FM Singapore

Symphony 92.4FMA classical 24/7 music running and operating radio channel is under the management of MediaCorp in Singapore. Previous year, in 2013, its patron circle, Sforzando! turned 1-year old. As the station is devoted to classical music and the arts, it has majority of audiences from Southeast Asia because of its resemblance to Singapore and dedication to their interests.

Symphony 92.4FM is proud to be the only radio station which is dedicated to the classical songs and the art in Singapore.

Symphony 92.4FM Team

Staff Main Presenters Rotation Presenters
Florence Lian Andrew Lim Bruno Goh Luse
Wang Ya-Hui Koh Chieng Mun Chua Yee Hoong
Andrew Lim Kiat Goh Gaiatri Sinnathamby
Kiat Goh Gerald Wong Mathilda D’Silva
Selwyn Koh Melissa Bun
Melvin Tan
Nixon Yong
Phua Ee Kia
Tan Cheow Khim (Khim)

DJ Photos

For Android & iPhone users, you have to download an application which is specified for listening it live on your smartphone. The app is officially created by MediaCorp for all popular operating stations.

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The mobile app allows user to listen radio stations, see charts, playlists, gigs, promotions, redeem and operate account.

Listen Symphony 92.4FM Singapore Live

Below is the streaming player, please wait few seconds, so that it starts playing:

In case the station is not working properly, please check internet connection or if it is correct then try refreshing the page (CTRL+F5), make sure that the latest version of Adobe Flash player is installed or increase your Internet speed. If the problem persists, contact us to eliminate the issue.

Contact Details

Address: Caldecott Hill Estate, Singapore


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